DAT finished 21/08/12, PLEASE help/comment

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Jul 9, 2012
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I think you have a chance, especially with the number of schools you are applying to.

Can you please provide a breakdown of your exam?...especially the PAT section compared to the practice materials you used and the sciences section and their difficulty....?
Hello guys,

So I just wrote my DAT a couple of hours ago. Mixed emotions I should say, I did good in some areas but did bad in areas I thought I was good at. I had a solid application (I hope), Science GPA of 3.69 (Inc.+/- 3.74) and Overall of 3.73 (Inc.+/- 3.80).

Here are my DAT scores:

PAT: 18
QR: 18
RC: 21
BIO: 22
GC: 17
OGC: 22
TS: 20
AA: 20

I applied to 24 (2 in state and 22 most OOS friendly) schools and I'm a permanent resident.

Can you please speculate on my chances of getting in? I'm a bit worried about my chemistry score and how it affects my chances in terms of DAT.

Thanks so much

congrats! looks good to me! if u dont mind me asking what rc passages did u have?
Sure man, I'd love to help.

I think the most effective tool when it comes to Biology/QR practice is the DAT Destroyer. I really felt like I scored 20+ in RQ but was shocked to see I only scored 18. Keep doing those math destroyer tests and I'm pretty sure you can score 20+. I did 3 of them and still found most of the questions I practiced in the actual test. My other study tool for Biology was the Kaplan book.

For OGC, I used Chad's videos and some of my second year notes. I felt like the exam was very very basic. no big molecules and very simple questions. Nothing complex. For GC, I'm obviously not in position to give advice, but I thought alot of the questions in the exam were pretty similar to DAT Destroyer, I just wasn't lucky to come up with the final answer.

For PAT, Crack the DAT HELPS ALOTTT! I have done alot of practice and thought I was set, but the angle ranking was extremely difficult. Keyholes, Cubes, Folding and Hole punches are very similar to Crack the DAT.
I also did 10 practice tests for reading with Crack the dat. Questions were not similar but overall difficulty was similar.

Let me know if you have any more questions.
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OOS only counts the +/-, so good news for you! your GPA is actually higher than in state. Seems like you have a great chance in getting a few interviews.
You have excellent chance. You stats are above average. And you were smart to apply to a lot of schools this will increase your chances even more good luck
Your GPA and your scores are above average. You'd definitely get in somewhere. Don't blow the interviews lol. Good Luck.
Nice scores. You are definitely a competitive candidate. You should be fine. Good job.

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