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DAT Finished 8/11

Discussion in 'DAT Discussions' started by predental9, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. predental9

    Aug 12, 2011
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    PAT - 21
    QR - 21
    RC - 22
    Bio - 26
    GC - 20
    OC - 29
    TS - 24
    AA - 24

    PAT - Not too bad. CDP is the closet to the real thng. Key holes weren't as bad as I thought they were be althoug some were pretty tricky. Angles were like CDP, pattern folding a bit harder, hole punching easier, TFE about the same (maybe a little bit easier), and cube counting easier/the same.

    QR - Time is definitely the killer here. I recommend Math Destroyer as well as Crack Dat Math to get used to the timing, but if you want to save money I would just choose Math Destroyer. Most problems pretty simple with a few lengthy problems that take a bit of more time. As many others have said, if you can't do it right away, guess, mark, and come back to it later.

    RC - I was worried for this section the most and it was NOT that bad at all. My own strategy was to read the passage making a very simple outline of each paragraph, and it worked pretty well. Don't freak out about this if you're not so strong in reading.

    Bio - Thought it was pretty straight forward. Cliffs is the key here, as well as Destroyer bio. Maybe a little bit of Kaplan blue book to supplement but not completely necessary. I'm a bio major so that probably helped this score out compared to most of the others.

    Gen chem - My lowest score. I never thought gen chem was particularly hard so I was kind of surprised, but to be honest I'm still happy with a 20. Know destroyer inside and out and you'll be more than set! (I think I just choked on a few problems here - destroyer really did prepare me well). Oh and duh, Chad's. But that's obvious.

    Orgo - Not bad at all. Destroyer/Chad. Enough said. (Destroyer = overkill to the max, which I appreciate!)

    Really wasn't that bad and even though prometric is kind of annoying, my center was run pretty well and was a stress free environment. Wish I had an eraser but the test administrators were good about replacing my sheets when I filled them out. You'll do well if you put in the effort but...duh. Haha. Good luck everyone!

    Also my GPA is a 3.6 (both overall and science). Am I in good shape? Interested in UoP, UCLA, and UCSF (out of state unfortunately), among others. But any feedback on my chances at those schools would be greatly appreciated!!
  2. LetsGo2DSchool

    Removed 2+ Year Member

    Jul 11, 2009
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    Nice job, congrats! A lot of 24s lately. I hope they don't release any tough version in response during the next couple of weeks :scared:
  3. tayloreve

    5+ Year Member

    Feb 17, 2010
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    Dental Student
    what is up with all these crazy high scores!!! geeeeez..

    good job though :)

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