Jul 18, 2010
Hi guys,
I recently took the DAT and got 24 AA and 24 PAT
I know these are great scores!!
however, I don't have dental shadowing and volunteer service hours
I do have 3.7 overall GPA and 3.5 science GPA
I also have EMT-IV national certification and participated in college sports team (don't know if these will help on the resume)
do you guys think I will get accepted into somewhere??
I suppose Volunteer service and job shadowing are really important for the admission

oh, and what's are the basic shadowing and volunteer service hour you need to get in for a good resume?


7+ Year Member
Jun 13, 2010
your stats are very legit. you do need shadowing before you apply, most schools have a shadowing min, usually 50 -100 hours I believe. Either go to a local dentist and tell him you are interested in dentistry and would like to observe for a bit if they dont mind. I personally called up 10 diff places around my house and one accepted me. OR you can check with your school if they have internships dealing with dentistry. Mine did, and i received 120 hours through that.