DAT Study Schedule?

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El Sol

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Sep 5, 2005
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Does anyone have a good DAT study schedule? Also, how many weeks do you guys recommend of prep? Thanks


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Aug 21, 2006
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Here is a basic study schedule. I would recommend 3 months of studying to prepare studying 2-3 hours a day a good 4 days a week.

Spend your first 6 weeks going through the Kaplan DAT blue book and take the kaplan practice tests along the way. You may also want to get either Cliff's AP bio or Schaum's outline of biology to help out on the biology section.

After you have completed or nearly completed kaplan, I would take a practice exam from Top Score Pro once every couple of weeks leading up to the test. This is the best simulation of the actual DAT exam you will find.

During the final four to six weeks continue to go back through kaplan focusing on the areas where you were week in on your practice exams, or you can go with DAT Destroyer for some better tips and strategies on how to tackle each section.

Your last few weeks leading up to the test you will want to increase your studying, while the day before you should just relax and get plenty of rest for the exam.