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Discussion in 'Pre-Dental' started by Kitty4402, Jun 10, 2001.

  1. Kitty4402

    Kitty4402 New Member

    Mar 7, 2001
    bloomington, in, usa

    I'm trying to take DAT w/ in a couple weeks, and got some question regarding to DAT.
    I know that everyone telling me it's advantage to me apply to school as early possible. I know for sure that I'm going to take this again in Sept or Oct. My concern is that whether I should sent out the application to aadsas during summer, which can only include my first exam score or should I wait until I take the second exam...

    If I do send out during this summer, should I notify schools that I will take the exam again? The reason I'm hurry to take this exam is that I know the most of school's DAT dealine is around Oct. which means that I need to take it now in order to have a second have to wait 90 days to take this again, right?

    Also, another question is that, do most schools look at the DAT scores as whole or do they take the best scores out of all the exams you have taken?

    I hope you guys can help me on these! ;)
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  3. GoatBoy

    GoatBoy Manboob Extraordinaire 10+ Year Member

    Mar 7, 2001
    Wait a minute...Why are you already talking about taking the DAT again when you haven't written it the first time yet? If you go into the exam thinking you are going to have to write the exam again you will screw up for sure.
    But anyway, if you do write it and dont like your score apply early anyway and indicate you will write it again. This will be more benificial for you rather than to wait until you write the second one(because of the rolling admissions process).
    I say that you just really concentrate on the DAT for the next couple of weeks and it should be okay (assuming you have taken Chem, Bio, Orgo). Think positively.
  4. GoBear

    GoBear Member 10+ Year Member

    Mar 10, 2001
    Berkeley, California, USA
    You definitely want to treat DAT as a one time deal...Practice, practice, practice before you take your test. I am sure you have gotten lots of advice on taking the DAT.

    You want to send out your application to AADSAS during the summer b/c it takes them forever to process it. If you are worry about your dat score, I believe there is a column there for you to indicate the month if you will be taking another one in the near future.

    As for how schools consider you DAT scores, they definitely look at the trend if you do take it more than once. But I believe they take the most recent one, NOT the best one. But be sure to check with schools though cuz I am not 100% sure.

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