DEA License fee

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Dec 10, 2002
  1. Resident [Any Field]
    If you are in a university based program the university for the most part will cover the DEA fee for all physicians. Just get your director to sign off on it. Most of the time the fee i waived. Look into it before you pay.
    I got my own (not resident) DEA and it was covered.


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    Jun 6, 2005
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    1. Resident [Any Field]
      I have NEVER footed the bill for any expenses necessary to practice--DEA fees, BME fees, board exams. It's generally customary for the employer to assume this cost as it's a necessary cost of employing you. Even as a resident, you're employed, right? Seems the program should cover it. I may be naive here though.
      Lisa PA-C

      USCDiver said:
      Days to pay off $390? Where're you moonlighting? Local day-care center?


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      Sep 1, 2003
      1. Attending Physician
        Well, I'm not sure why you quoted me, I was joking.

        Seriously though, my hospital will pay for Step 3 of the USMLE if you apply for it during your first year. They also pay for the licensing fees. But that's about it. We don't even get all our food paid for. Seems like they should cover that too, huh? I think you are being a tad naive, because there's a hundred or more residents in our hospital and that's a small hospital. If they pay for everything for each of them, it becomes prohibitively expensive and we'd likely lose other benefits.

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        Nov 18, 2002
        1. Attending Physician
          It cost me over $1000 for a license ($500 license fee, $500 app fee) and possibly $390 for my DEA. I'll have to talk to my program director (who incidentally wrote the CORD statement against moonlighting) about whether he'll pick that up. (Doubt it.) So it's $1400 just to get started, plus possibly credentialing fees. The two gigs I'm considering aren't the highest paying, one is $55 an hour to do easy urgent care, the other is $50 an hour to sleep and babysit a vent farm. So it will literally take me days to make that money back, 2-3 days to be exact. It is possible to get ED gigs around here for about $85 an hour, but they're not as convenient, have higher risk, and require you to sell out your specialty. (See AAEM statement on moonlighting)


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          Jul 2, 2005
            This is not an institutional DEA number. Our residents use their numbers at outside moonlighting, Kaiser and others. The online application has a form for fee exemption. It asks for a phone number to verify you are eligible. Check with your PD. Once you pay, you can't get your money back....
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