Dealing with anxiety for the TWO MONTHS we have to wait before getting our NAVLE scores

Aug 4, 2018
I took it yesterday, and I know a lot of veterinary students feel this way, but I really, truly, believe that I did not pass the NAVLE. On every section, I had well over half of the questions "marked" because I wasn't sure about them, and of course I never had time to go back and check my answers because I am a slow test taker. I just truly felt like I was guessing on every question, and I was only confident on maybe 5-10 questions. I have since looked up a lot of the questions I could remember having on the exam, and I got every single one of those wrong (and sometimes they were things that I truly felt I should have known). I have had so much anxiety just over the course of the day and am struggling to focus on clinics, and I can't imagine doing this for the next month and a half or whatever.

The big thing is that I finished vetprep (albeit a whole month before the test so I probably forgot a lot of things), so if I don't pass, my resources to study are getting less and less. I feel like if getting through the whole program didn't help, what will? Should I do zuku next time? Or something else? I also took all four icva practice tests, each one month apart, starting in August. The first two I didn't pass at all, and the scores were really terrible. The third one I passed, but barely (projected score 415 - 465). And the fourth one I did pass completely (454 - 504). However, on the tests I passed, I felt good about them while I was taking them. The actual NAVLE, to me, felt exactly like the practice tests I failed horribly, where I thought I was guessing on everything.

I just don't even know what to do with myself. I still have to take the California boards, which apparently are ridiculously difficult, but I can't even summon myself to study while I think I'm going to have to take NAVLE again in April first anyway. I'm also embarrassed to even start looking for jobs.

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You're not the only one, I hated test day and don't remember any of it. There were 5 ppl from my class that day and I was the first to start and last to finish... Focus on your rotations and learn as much as you can before scores come out. There truly isn't anything else you can do.
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