Decided to apply next cycle, what to focus on in the year leading up to the cycle? (for T20s as well)

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Mar 16, 2022
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Your lack of detail means there's no way for us to assess your chances on mission fit. A lot of California schools really focus on this, so without more information, you may rule yourself put of those UC schools.

I'll be blunt. You have lots of tutoring and mentoring but listed no community service. Nothing you describe shows you are comfortable being uncomfortable, or you can participate in activities in a humble position rather than an expert. Without any details and a lot of planned activities, I can see why you want to be a STEM champion (and have been successful there, shows academic competency and leadership) but no sense why medicine is a calling.

How you allocate your hours is a sign of your passion and priorities. That is how I conclude you don't really have an interest in medicine since you have spent so much more time doing something else worthwhile.