Dec 2, 2013
Hey guys!

I am having a hard time deciding on which vet school to go to. I was accepted to RVC and I will be applying to Murdoch and Melbourne. I know I want to attend an international school but if I really want to go to Australia I will have to deny RVC and then apply to Australia (due to the timing of the application cycle). I have heard great things about each of the schools. Can anyone provide any advice that might help with my decision process? Thanks!
Mar 3, 2013
How can you be sure you'll get accepted to an Australian school? If you turn down RVC and then don't get into one of the Australian schools, what will you do? I didn't realize that Australian schools used a different timeline than other vet schools - that's tough. But I'd think long and hard about turning down an acceptance before you have a sure thing somewhere else. Will RVC let you defer your acceptance until the next year? That way, if you don't get into an Australian school, RVC will be there waiting for you.