Mar 13, 2010
Pre-Health (Field Undecided)
Hi guys, I have been reading some of the posts here. I am trying to decide between podiatry school and dental school. Could you please give me the pros and cons for both of these career. Which is one is more stable and has brighter future? Could you also tell me about avg salary for both dentist and podiatrist? I know....I used the search forum but ....didnt get the complete answer I was looking for ....Like all the pros and cons for both of these career. I wouldn't mind doing either one of them. Give me some insight in it, if you will. Thanks.


Nights Watchmen
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Jun 25, 2009
Sterling Hts, Mi
I can tell you that both work on opposite areas of the body (mouth vs feet) :)

we can't tell you much about podiatry since most of us here are pre-dental.

Pros for dentistry:
interaction with human being on a daily basis, its scientific, low working hours (most dentists work 30-40 hours per week) and average income is approx 130-140 k (of course there are MANY who make double and tripple that), you get to watch yourself build things from scratch, never on-call duty.

Cons for dentistry:
hard to get into, the curriculum is pretty tough (so I was told), if you choose to specialize then it becomes even harder cause you have to work so much more.... aside from these, I can't really think of any other negative aspect of it, and these honestly aren't real cons, thats just me filling up space lol