Jul 22, 2009
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Assuming I get in to medical school somewhere :)xf:), I am considering taking a year off before I matriculate. Can anyone tell me more about this process? Do schools allow you to do this? Is it looked down upon?

The reason I am considering this is because I feel like I might need a break from education for a year. I would probably find a job and travel a bit. Would this be seen as a legitimate excuse to defer matriculation in the eyes of a medical school?



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Jun 8, 2008
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Deferring acceptance is up to the school, so you'll have to ask them after you're accepted if they're willing to let you do it. For the most part though, in my experience (and the experience of those around me), they're happy to do it. For the school, it frees up an extra spot for one of the other highly qualified applicants, and means one less spot that they have to interview for next year (because you'll be taking it).

So, much of the time, they're happy to do it, excuse or not. I spent my year off vacationing and teaching, another I know did a Fulbright, and one taught in Korea. Pick something fun and interesting to do though, you'll be bored silly if you schedule a whole year off with no plan.
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