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Deferred, Anyone Else?

Discussion in 'Nontraditional Students' started by moranwoods, Nov 21, 2005.

  1. moranwoods

    moranwoods Member
    7+ Year Member

    Jan 14, 2004
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    I am a former engineer like some of you, and was laid off about 2 years ago. I applied to med school in 2004 and was admitted to Colorado, class of 2009.

    Also about a year ago, I met an awesome girl to whom I am now engaged. She got a great job in NYC, so I deferred my start until next year - 2006.

    I've been working as a research tech at Cornell, generally having a great time. Love NYC and am very excited to get married. I'm also starting to get cold feet for a few reasons.

    My debt will be huge -- around $200K -- unless I get the NHSC scholarship. Also, not sure how the time committments will affect future family plans.

    Anyone else out there defer? Anyone else having second thoughts about changing careers?
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