Deferring an acceptance to PT school

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May 25, 2011
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There are a host of reasons one might wish to defer their acceptance to a PT program. By defer I mean to opt-out of starting this year with the promise that you can start the following. The school would most likely require a ‘good’ reason and a nice deposit to hold your spot. Has anyone heard of someone deferring their PT school acceptance?

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At my interview day, one of the professors told us that a girl who was supposed to be in the class graduating before us had defferred to my class because she had a baby and her husband is in the Army and currently overseas...he said that if we can't come this year, there is always next year and they work with the students to accommodate their needs.
I deferred and the school was very understanding. They mentioned that they have had other students in the past defer to the next incoming class for various reasons. I didn't have to pay an additional deposit. The school held the deposit I paid upon my acceptance. If you think you need to defer, it doesn't hurt to ask. Like me, you may be pleasantly surprised how understanding they are of your situation. Also, I met a student that was in the second year of the program that had some family issues two months into their program and had to drop out of the program. They allowed that person to start with the next year's incoming class and didn't charge the tuition for those months. I think school's really want their students to succeed and try to accommodate students with special circumstances. If they accepted you into their program, they want you to attend.