deleted email!

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Nov 15, 2006
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omg, I received an email today from PSUSOM concerning my application status. It was sent to my junk mail and I accidentally deleted it! Now I can't figure out who to call about it because the only school I feel it could have been is Penn State. However, they go by PSUCOM, so who knows. Did anyone else receive an email today from Penn State, or have any ideas of who PSUSOM could be?

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hey badasshobbit..bummer about the deletion. psucom=pennsylvania state university college of medicne. you can check your status on-line. good luck! =)
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thanks for the responses. I'll try to call PSU after the break. Hopefully it was an interview invitation.
Try not to let it ruin your holiday.
Don't worry eternalrage, I'm an a glass half full type of guy. My turkey needed some salt, and after I cried on it for a while, it was perfect.