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Jul 26, 2001
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I thought Blueprints Surgery sucks...other than that, they're all good.

Wish the Neurology came out earlier than May of 2003, but that's the breaks, I guess.

Was Blueprints truly adequate for Step II (I'm taking in August, I think...)?

Jim Picotte

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Nov 7, 2001
Traverse City, Michigan
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I scored a 259 on Step II. This is what I used.

I read every book in Blueprints series and did all the questions in the back. There is also five 100 question books by Blueprints and I did all those questions. I did First Aid for Step II and most of Underground Clinical Vignettes. I was going to use that White/Blue book from NMS (the one with 900 questions) but didn't have time.

I think the Blueprints for Surgery is very good for Step II, it is very very poor for the clerkships and Shelf exam and I'd use NMS Surgery or something else for those exams.

Good luck on Step II.
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