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Dental Books for sale - Great price

Discussion in 'For Sale and Advertisements' started by NadiaN, Dec 13, 2008.

  1. NadiaN

    Dec 13, 2008
    Likes Received:
    I have several books that I need to sell. Please contact me via email [email protected] and I can give you individual pricing. The list is as follows:

    Clinical removable partial prosthodontics –Stewart -
    Tooth colored restorative with CD– Albers 9th ed -
    Complete dental bleaching – Goldstein
    Fundamentals of fixed prosthodontics – Shillingburg 3rd ed
    Esthetic Dentistry – Ascheim/Dale
    Esthetics of anterior fixed prosthodontics – Chiche
    Change your smile – Goldstein
    Prosthodontic treatment of edentulous patients – Bouchers/Zarb
    Contemporary Orthodontics – Proffit
    Contemporary oral and maxillofacial surgery – Peterson
    Fundamentals of periodontics (Wilson and Korman) –
    Clinical Periodontology (Caranza 9th ed)
    Oral Radiology –White $ Pharoah -
    Interpretation of oral radiology – Langlais -
    Atlas of dental radiology – Kasle -
    Pediatric Dentistry – Pinkham
    Oral Histology - Tencate
    Pathways of the pulp
    Dental Therapeutics – ADA guideline
    Pharmacology and Dental Therapeutics – Yiegela
    Phillips Dental Materials -
    Wheelers Dental anatomy, physiology and occlusion -
    Handbook of Local Anesthesia – Malamed -
    Basic Pathology for Dentistry – Kumar/Cotran
    Operative dentistry
    Sturdevant – 3rd Edition
    Schwartz/Summitt – Fundamentals of operative dentistry –
    Neuroanatomy –Crossman

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