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Dental Decks (2015-2016) + Kaplan NBDE Part 1 Lecture Notes for Sale


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Apr 17, 2015
  1. Dental Student
    These are the latest Dental Decks for NBDE Part 1 (2015-2016). I'll also throw in the latest Kaplan NBDE Part 1 lecture notes (I'm not selling them separate). I'm asking $195 for all of this (firm). This is all you need to pass. I used these two study materials you will get plus the YouTube video (300 D.A. Facts) and did fine. All you need is 2 weeks to study. I'll ship the next day. Keep in mind if you buy the decks brand new they are $255 (not including tax and shipping). The Kaplan book is also $80 at Barnes and Noble not including tax. I priced this accordingly. All of the materials are in excellent condition as well. Good luck!

    You can buy it on eBay if you want (link below).
    2015-2016 Dental Decks NBDE Part 1 + Kaplan NBDE Part 1 Lecture Notes | eBay
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