Psych- Testing Materials for Sale

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Nov 10, 2023
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Psychological Testing Materials For Sale

*Original prices and asking listed. Feel free to make me an offer.*

1. WIAT III only used once, full set including all forms. Original kit comes with 25 forms. 24 are included here.
Retail $754.20, Asking $450

2. RBANS B full set. Original comes with 25 forms. 21 are included here.
Retail $354.20, asking $200

3. WRAT 4, manual, blue record forms, and both blue and green reading card. Original comes with 25 forms. 20 included here.
Retail $280, asking $160

4. DVT. Record forms and scoring forms. Original comes with 25 booklets. 18 included here.
Retail $149, asking $75

5, WAIS-IV, full set. Original comes with 25 of each form. 20 response booklet 2 included here. 5 response booklet 1 included here. 7 record forms.
Retail $1,537.50, asking $650

Shipping is not included. I will pay for 50% of the shipping. I can give an estimate of the cost based on the materials you're interested in and the shipping location. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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