Dental Decks

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May 2, 2004
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I have dental decks for NBDE Part I from 1998. I'll be taking my part I next year. Are these out of date? Should I get new ones?

If anyone knows anything about dental decks or has taken NBDE part I, I would greatly appreciate your help! thanks in advance. :confused: :confused: :confused:

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I actually have both the 1998 decks and the 2004 decks that I bought at the last minute before the test. Major differences between the two decks are corrections of errors. I personally only used the 2004 decks because the backs of the 1998 decks are red and it was starting to mess with my eyes after awhile. Please PM me or post here if you are interested in purchasing either set or some of the othr study materials I have for the NBDE Part I.

1998 Decks should be find, especially considering that there haven't been any officially released exams since then.

The Decks rely on old exams for a lot of their information (all the bold items on the back of the cards are questions/answers from previously released exams).
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Actually the '98 exam wasn't released until 2003, so the 2004 decks do include some more information. It's not tons though, just depends on how worried you are about the test. For me (I'm a nerd I guess ;) ) I wanted the latest edition so I had all the possible information I could get my hands on.

The 98 deck is fine. Both decks, from the cards I've seen, cover the same topics and often ask the same questions. I'd advise you to pick one deck and stick with it. Don't try to do both; it takes too much time. Also, keep in mind that the decks are not without their limitations, and if you're shooting for a high score you have to go beyond the decks. gl
Thanks all for you help. I made the decision to stick with the ones I've got and look at old exams as well. :)