dental hygiene before dental school

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Jan 30, 2004
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I am graduating from a dental hygiene program this June and will hopefully be going to dental school in August. Will I have an easier time the first year because of my background? I would love to work one day a week if possible. What is a typical day like in school? How time do you really have for yourself/family?

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Yes, due to your background dental school may be a bit easier.

How much free time will you have? Hard to say. It will depend on:

- how much stuff your school's curriculum will throw at you,

- how the individual instructors run the class (we all know every school has some instructors who give you inordinate amounts of work and expect you to like it, as if they are God's gift to the world, heh heh),

- how much effort you want to put into it (are you aiming for good grades, NBDE scores and doing research because you want to specialize, or are you just going to do the minimal amount of work required to pass?)

You won't know until dental school starts. :D
I think that any advantage you might have will be in the clinical years doing cleanings other perio therapy. You'll discover there is a lot more involved in being a dentist. Good Luck.