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    If I work as a dentist after dental school for roughly 2-3 years, will this work experience increase my chances of specializing in Ortho/Endo/OMFS (if I decide to pursue one of these paths)? Is there still a huge emphasis on grades and board scores if your not coming directly from dental school?
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    Appling after a few years in pvt practice, most residencies will assume you will be seeking a graduate program. They will ask you, why do you want a residency - be honest.

    They will look at all the same material as current applicants. You will have some benefits with your experience, but some may feel it may be difficult getting back to education, on-call, taking orders/direction.

    On the other hand, most advance programs will want to see you can learn before they take a chance on you.

    The ideal plan would be be certain what you want, get good grades in dental school, possibly improve your chances taking an AEGD or GPR (some advance programs want those), then the grad program.
    This is in a dream world,,,,,

    An AEGD/GPR is a good option on graduation -
    1. they take the pressure off passing your boards before you practice - you have an entire year to pass boards.
    2. they will give you time and experience in deciding what you want to do - ie a speciality, or where you may want to practice
    3. they will help you gain effieciency, confidence and experience.

    problems - big loans/debt
    you may need to work a few years...
    then some residencies, if your honest and hard working will be will to look at you. Often your essay must really state why after years you want a residency.

    Hope this helps... for more clarification... just call.
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