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Dentistry's version of Netter's


7+ Year Member
15+ Year Member
Oct 13, 2002
I also wanted some help to learn dental anatomy ..But this book woefel'sdental anatomy is not found anywhere ..even if you put it at google or barnes and nobles ..
Can you post the correct name of the book ..so that it would be useful to us ?
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Kung Foo

Mad Scientist...
7+ Year Member
15+ Year Member
Apr 29, 2002
the edge of decay
  1. Post Doc
Glad to hear other schools use this book too! I'm @ ohio state , and Dr. Scheid teaches the D1 dental anatomy course - so of course we use the Woelfel/Scheid dental anatomy book too =) As a super bonus, it has pull out pages in the back which have diagrams for each tooth class, characteristics, and how to differentiate between class, arch and individual tooth - sort of the quick and dirty version of what you need to know - and a great help if you have to do tooth ID on extracted teeth =)
On a side note, Scheid is awesome in class - and he has a masters degree in education - so dentally and pedagogically the text hits the nail on the head. Oh, and it's softcover, so not outrageously expensive. Good luck!
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