Jan 6, 2014
I just finished a mini course in DentSim Lab NYC on hand and visualization skills. It was my first experience with drilling and I was really able to see on the screen the anatomy of the tooth along with the simulator. It was a great hands-on experience. And I would recommend it to everyone!


Jul 30, 2014
I also just finished a 2-hour course at the DentSim Lab in NYC. As a pre-dental student applying to Dental Schools this upcoming summer, I thought it was really important to expose myself to the perceptual aspect of Dentistry. I also learned the manual skills that I will need when I begin Dental School. It gave me a taste of what I should expect when I am in clinic. I believe that without the proper hand-skills, failing out of dental school is realistic. I definitely plan on returning to DentSim Lab NYC to take part in a more advanced course, but for now I am thrilled by with the exposure I received, and have the satisfaction of knowing that I am in the right field. I scored a 93 on my first amalgam preparation for class 1, on tooth #19!