Dermatology Competitiveness

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Feb 10, 2007
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Hello. Im a current MS I student in the top ten percent of my class at a DO school. Is Dermatology so competitive due to the outcome of a good life style or is it just that challenging of a career. Also if I were to remain scoring well in school as well as on the boards would I have a chance at an Allopathic residency or should I stick to looking only at Osteopathic residency.

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Competitive = because lots of students are applying for a low number of spots. Why are they applying? It could be the lifestyle. It could be the challenge of the field. That's a personal decision.

I'm not too sure about this but my guess is if you continue to score well, you should be eligible for both. (I could be wrong...would applying to both sorts of residencies hurt an applicant's chances?)