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Mar 18, 2016
    Are there any states that require a diagnosis code on each prescription, including non-controls. What is everyones opinion on whether a pharmacist can deny a prescription, say for hydroxychloroquine, if request for diagnosis is refused by prescriber?
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    1. Pharmacist
      How do you do a DUR without a diagnosis? You can’t. The question should be why do we ever fill a script without one.

      We 100% have the right to refuse to fill a prescription if the prescriber won’t provide a diagnosis. I would go a step further and say we have a duty to do so in the case of hydroxychloroquine.
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      Dec 8, 2015
        a lot of eRx's have the diagnosis on the 2nd or 3rd page of the eRx (at least at Walgreens). try taking a look there for diagnosis if you feel so inclined. Getting a diagnosis on every rx is unrealistic in retail. I'd get one if something just seems very suspicious/out of the ordinary
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        Jan 18, 2014
        1. Pharmacist
          back when I worked in Illinois the 90 day refill thing was just starting in retail pharmacy (mid 2000's). Per insurance requirements we had to have the diagnosis written down on the hard copy. I had one physician who often would write outside of his specialty (not wanting to rehash the scope of practice debate) - and I honestly can't remember specifics, but it was like pulling teeth to get him to actually tell me a diagnosis. His RN even went so far as saying they couldn't give it to me because of HIPAA. So I printed out a copy of the HIPAA rules and faxed it to him.
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