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Jun 24, 2006
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  1. Podiatry Student
I have to be honest, i really dont remember if i had the Bird passage in my MCAT test or not. The test was so big, i just cant recall it. So iam not sure if iam among the list of people who got the passage or not.

As many of you said, AAMC said they will start contacting the applicants who got that passage. Iam not in my hometown now and will not be accesing my mail till Feb-13th. I dont have any plans to void my score. i think i did a good job and iam hoping for the best.

So my question was, if AAMC sent me a letter and if i didnt replied to them at all. Does that mean they will cancel my Scores automatically or i have to inform them (i.e send the letter) in order to void my scores. Iam stuck with some work out of city and iam so helpless. Can anyone who has recieved the letter say me what exactly it stated and what do i need to do if i want to say them "DONT VOID MY SCORE".

Iam afraid bcoz many people on this forum are opting for voiding out or refunds,etc. So if i dont reply will the AAMC assume that i also want to void my score. I dont want that. I want my scores. Iam really confused and helpless. Can anyone guide me.plzzzzzzz.


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Jan 27, 2007
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if you did receive it and don't remember yet still want your score do absolutely nothing. if you didn't get a letter you probably were not affected. you only send back the letter if you want to void. which you don't. so do nothing.
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