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May 25, 2017
Hi all, currently I have submitted all my applications for 11 schools and was wondering if I needed to add a few more to gain acceptance somewhere.

Here is my main info:

Major: Business Administration, Operations Management
Undergrad: Ohio State
Residence: Virginia
Overall GPA: 3.67
Science GPA: 3.39
BCP GPA: 3.14 (this is my main concern)
DAT: 24AA / 21 TS / 23 Bio / 19 GC / 22 OC / 21 PAT / 25 RC / 30 QR
Other Factors
-Letters of rec from 2 science professors, a business professor, and a general dentist I shadowed
-Many Extracurriculars including creative endeavors (musicals, comedy, musician) , some charity work/fundraising, and leadership roles in multiple organizations
-Bio Teaching Assistant for 1 year
-100+ Shadowing Hours
-Strong upward trend for the BCP classes

Given my relatively poor BCP score, but high DAT score I was in sort of a confusion of where to apply. These are the 11 schools I have applied to:

Tufts, BU, Marquette, Ohio State, Case, Michigan, VCU, UNE, UConn, Pitt, Colorado

I'm not sure if I should apply to others to gain acceptances. I'm currently considering any number of these as well:

Rutgers, Temple, NYU, University of Maryland (they prefer OOS Virginia it seems?)

Like I said, my main concern is my BCP GPA as I feel all my other stats and qualitative attributes are fairly competitive. What do you all think I should do?
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Nov 10, 2015
you should have an okay chance of getting in for most of the schools you applied to, Michigan and Uconn are definitely reaches. personally, i would apply to a few more just to be safe
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