Medical Did I screw up by telling my dream school that I have an acceptance from another school?

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Nov 4, 2011
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Also If I accept an offer from one school past April 30th, can I accept another from a school that I would rather go to but am currently waitlisted?


I was lucky enough to receive one acceptance, thankfully, but I have to submit my deposit and admission response form by the end of the week. I am waiting to finish as I do not want to have any conflicts and tell a school one thing but do another. Full integrity as I am aware of how big an opportunity any A is.

However, I have another school ( dream school) that sent me an email saying "we want to confirm with you that you would choose McAmazing University over the school you MIGHT be holding at present". I got that email soon after I received my acceptance at the first school and I thought the two were linked, by behind the scenes AMCAS black magic. So when I replied to my dream school I spoke truthfully that I was fortunate enough to have received an acceptance at school X but would be ecstatic to and can confirm my intent to be a part of your program.

I told and showed my premed advisor this and he said I ruined my chances and that was a VERY disrespctful on my part. I just thought they knew and even if they didn't I was being transparent and true to myself.

I would appreciate advice on how to proceed with acceptances post-April 30th while waiting for others and want to understand if my actions were truly disrespectful.

Thank you for reading this!
You are fine.
As long as the CTE date for school A has not passed (and you are just PTE at that school), you may hold as many waitlist spots as you like. You may respond with enthusiasm to any investigatory emails for schools where you are waitlisted.
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