Did the internship situation get better than in the past for the international graduates of Australian med school?

Jun 27, 2019
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I asked one of the agency coordinators if the internship situation in Australia became better than in the past for international/Canadian graduates of Australian med school. I was told that any Canadian grad of Australian med school who has wanted an internship in Australia has gotten one, even though it may not be offered in favourable location like downtown Sydney.

I’m aware that she can’t speak without bias since she works for the agency but her response seemed very different from what I found on the web. Frankly speaking, this sounded too good to be true so I searched for specific stats for international students but I am having hard time finding it. I wanted to hear how it is like in reality/your opinion. Thanks a lot.


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May 25, 2015
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Priority for employment will always be given to Australian medical school graduates with Australian citizenship. Although, as I understand it, the Commonwealth (Federal) Government is increasing the number of internship places for foreign graduates of Australian medical schools. But there is no gaurantee. Last time I checked a few years ago, there were about 100+ federally funded internship places for international graduates, and if there are often a handful of state & territory funded internship places for internship graduates leftover after the priority is given to the local graduates. Albeit, you'll have to accept the fact that it's most likely you'll be placed at the less popular hospitals located rurally; although, I've found that the learning at these hospitals are just as good.
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