Did you get wisdom teeth out recently?

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Jan 8, 2012
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Just wondering has anyone recently had these pulled?

I had all 4 pulled 18 days ago, 12/23. They were partially impacted..growing in straight but just the tops of the teeth a bit out.

Doc crushed them and pulled out the pieces.

I had no stitches.

On my consult appt, they told me 5-7 days, I can exercise, do what I want, etc.

I go for my 1 week followup, by now it's occurred to me I have gaping holes in my mouth and..these won't be sealing up anytime soon - don't ask me why, but I totally forgot about this before I did the surgery and it was never discussed prior.

They tell me well, you can work out, but don't get your rate up....

When I work out, I'll go over 150+ beats a minute..probably closer to 170...it was pointless discussing any of this further as I was getting a run around, no straight answer.

I've in fact called 2-3 offices and get a different answer from them all.

Some say you can try but basically expect bleeding from the extraction sites and a throbbing pain, OMG.

I don't want to dislodge anything or cause bleeding or prolong this whole healing process.

If I can't work out anytime soon, I just want an upfront answer.

Am I basically going to be sitting out till these holes seal up or what?

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Edit: wrote a response then remembered i dont think were allowed to give advice to patients on these forums.

Call your dentist/oral surgeon and ask to talk to him/her directly for an absolute answer.
I always like when people solicit dental advice on this forum they register as "pre-dental". :laugh:

Maybe one day we can have a sticky that's in bold that states "SOLICITING DENTAL ADVICE IS AGAINST FORUM POLICIES AND POSTS WILL BE DELETED." We can always hope.
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