Differences between MD/PhD and DO/PhD programs?

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Mar 1, 2011
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I am interested in knowing whether there are any substantial differences between physician scientist programs at allopathic medical schools and osteopathic medical schools. Is your research restricted to osteopathic medicine for a DO/PhD program? And I'm guessing stipends/tuition remission policies would be different because of funding issues.

Also, does a DO/PhD physician scientist have the same opportunities as an MD/PhD physician scientist? I'm willing to take the DO/PhD route since I plan on going to UMDNJ-SOM but I'm worried that once I'm done with school I'll be at a disadvantage compared to my MD/PhD counterparts. I just want to have the same realm of control in terms of research as my counterparts. I don't want to be denied for a grant just because I'm a DO and not an MD. Any input on this would be appreciated.