Difficult courses at DMU


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Jul 11, 2005
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oncogene said:
What are the most difficult courses at DMU in the first year? How is anatomy? Can you guys give me a rundown on the firts year classes and profs? Are there any classes you would recommend taking before first year starts?Thanks.


As far as advice as to which undergrad courses you should take before pod school, it really depends. In my first year at DMU, microbiology and pathology were my most difficult courses. But for others it was physiology, biochemistry or anatamy. They are all beasts so any thing you can take prior would be an advantage. Just know that you wont go into nearly the amount of depth in undergrad as you will in med school. But if I were to give any advice, it would be to take anatomy in undergrad if you have not taken it yet. The amount of information is quite overwhelming especially if you have not been exposed to it before.
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