Difficulty getting references.


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Oct 20, 2007
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So I'm getting ready to apply to pedo this year, and am having a hell of a time getting good references. Everybody's on vacation...and two programs that I'm applying to have their deadlines in 2wks. I know, I should have asked earlier, but I thought 1mo would be more than enough time, and most other programs have their deadlines in Sept/Oct.

I've been out of school for 5yrs, and the instructors that I really liked are away the whole summer or retired. One dentist I worked with would be great, but I'm afraid that if someone calls him, he will talk about his gun collection or his latest adventures w/ his new girlfriend. He's a great dentist, but so unprofessional. The guys I work w/ now, I don't want to ask, b/c I don't want them to know that I'm applying. Our clinic sees lots of kids, and I worry that they would see me as a huge competition, eventhough we desperately need another pediatric dentist.

There is only one pediatric dentist in my city, I worked w/ him on many occasions, and learned a lot, but he's a bit grouchy, and I'm not sure he would give me a good reference. I never felt like I connected w/ him on any level. Should I ask?

The person in charge of our pediatric department is no longer there, and I'm not sure he would even remember me as our pediatric rotations are very short.

What should I do??? This is so frustrating:confused::confused:
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