Jul 28, 2016
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I just applied for own occupation disability and I realized that for the previous mental health issues section I checked "No" even though I did see someone for psychotherapy 5-8 times over 2 months. I was only prescribed mirtazapine as a sleep aid. Should I call my disability insurance advisor now and inform him of this? I will be going in for the physical exam portion tomorrow.

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Feb 27, 2014
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If you reported it on your application that the answer was No when in fact it should have been Yes then you should communicate with the agent and make sure that you receive confirmation back from the carrier that they have now received that information. The insurance companies typically will find that type of stuff out anyway since it is found on Script Check. Once they look at the information they will let you know if your policy is still in good standing, depending upon when that was I would suspect you will end up with a policy limitation, Mental/Nervous exclusion, and potentially a rated up policy if you are still filling your prescription. You don't want to pay on a policy for 6, 12, or 18 months, have a claim and then the carrier looks at your history, discovers the miss-statement of information and denies your claim since they can say "well you did not tell us this and based on our underwriting at that time we would have excluded, limited, rates up, or declined to cover you so the policy is not valid in the current state".
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