Disclosed a misdemeanor after acceptance. How likely is this to get my acceptance rescinded?

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May 4, 2023
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This summer I received a traffic citation for driving a little under 15 mph over the speed limit. I did not contest it, just paid the fine and moved on. It was my first speeding ticket and I naively assumed it could not possibly be a big deal. On my AMCAS app and secondaries, I marked "no" to the question about felonies and misdemeanors. Well, later on I got paranoid and started googling, and realized that in the state where I received the ticket, ALL speeding tickets are class C misdemeanors, so I accidentally lied on my app.

I was recently accepted to an MD school and emailed them to disclose the violation. They thanked me but could not really reassure me; presumably they can't say much until they actually run a background check and review it. I have another interview scheduled for February and plan to email that school about this soon.

Two questions:
- How likely am I to have my acceptance rescinded? I know schools don't typically care about minor traffic violations, but I'm afraid the lack of early disclosure will be perceived as intentional dishonesty.
- Should I go ahead and email every school I sent a secondary to about this, even if they haven't extended an interview invite?

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Take a deep breath. Now did your secondary ask you if you had any misdemeanors? If no you're home free.
It did. I filled it out in late July if I recall correctly, and had not yet realized my error.
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Normally the secondary specifies OTHER than traffic violations/citations. So not necessary for some I might think
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Gonna be brutally honest, this isn’t good
Eh, maybe. But here's the thing: not reporting it was a true honest mistake and OP wants to do whatever they can to make it right. I can't imagine that med schools would pull an acceptance over something like this.

And if a minor traffic violation is what keeps someone out of med school, then well, let he who is without sin cast the first stone... I also had a minor speeding ticket that was a misdemeanor in the state I got it in. I reported it and it seemed like some of my interviewers actually thought that was funny,
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Let's look at it this way, if you were in your first year of medical school and got pulled over and issued a ticket for driving 14 MPH over the speed limit, do you think that your medical school will put you on probation or even expel you? If you hold an offer of admission, the school wants you there a little less than a year from now. Anything that would have them say, "we wouldn't want anyone here among us who did that!" are the sorts of things that preclude admission and just might get you kicked out if you did them after matriculation. Speeding is not one of those things.
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It's definitely not a matter of concern, lol. I can't imagine a school kicking you out over a speeding ticket which isn't a misdemeanor in 80% of states.
When I was younger, I used to care about those type of things. As you get older, you realize no one really cares about speeding tickets or other silly things like that.
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