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Jul 12, 2006
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I woke up this morning with a sore throat and running nose and could not sleep, likely sick because of the rough previous 2 weeks of exams. To preoccupy myself I turned on the Discovery channel. The show that started at 5:00 am was assignment discovery. This show was the most intelligent and interesting thing I have ever watched on discovery. It was based on information and concerns that are truly important to us and to our world. It was a stark difference from the mindless yet mildly entertaining stuff that is normally on this channel and any channel for that matter on basic cable.

My question is why is it that really intellectual programming like this isn't on more often? I know that the channels have to get viewers in order to stay afloat. Do most people in our society not want to learn about the latest pressing concerns and ideas that the scientific world is dealing with? Shouldn't that interest all of us?

Now I like to watch sports, Always Sunny, The Office, Testees, Dirty Jobs, and Man vs Wild, just like lot of other people but I think I'd watch shows like this much more if they were on. To date the closest thing I've seen to intellectually stimulating programming has been on Discovery Health and PBS. This brings me to my next question. Barring the fact that we're in a financial **** show right now and that there are many bigger concerns for our country than this; doesn't it seem right that the government should subsidize a channel to put on programming like that which I saw on Assignment Discovery over a longer time period of the day so that more people will have the opportunity to see it? Wouldn't you think that this would stimulate more people to seek discovery and knowledge if they are keyed into things that really matter to us all? I personally think that doing more things like that in this country would solve many of our whoas. We need to get more of our people intrigued.

Rant over, tell me what you think
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