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    Hi everyone,

    I've just put a new anatomy discussion forum on <a href="http://www.dissectionroom.com" target="_blank">www.dissectionroom.com</a> for students to ask anatomy questions.

    I've persuaded the anatomy department at Cambridge uni in England to support this site so you should get pretty good answers to your questions.

    If you have a group of students that would like a private group on the discussion board (students about to start the anaomy course from Cambridge University have this kind of group) let me know. I think this will be a great way mimic small group teaching sessions that you can continue when you not together. It also means that you can ask each other quite detailed questions and reply to them at your convenience.

    We're also moving over to a new format with a more didactic style of tutorial. We've had lots of positive feedback on the hand anatomy but many said it was to simplified. The new style is implement in our first tutorial The Anatomy of the Vertebral Column, and it a lot more detailed. You'll need sound turned on in order to hear the narration.

    The next tutorial covering the entire upper limb is nearly completed and should be up this week sometime.

    Your opinons and feedback are always appreciated. Please report any anatomical errors, inconsistancies or confusion that you find so we can make the tutorials as clear and accurate as possible.

    Dr Chris Paton
    The Dissection Room
    <a href="http://www.dissectionroom.com" target="_blank">www.dissectionroom.com</a>

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