DMU 3rd and 4th yr clinical rotations

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Oct 8, 2005
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Hey everyone, I already posted this on the pre-osteo site, but was wondering if an actual med student at DMU could give me some insight. I just recieved my acceptance to DMU last week and I'm really excited! I understand that DMU has several clinical core rotations throughout Iowa, however, is it feasible/possible to stay in state during the 3rd and 4th yrs. I have a family, and it would be much easier to not move. If so, how are the nearby hospitals and rotation sites (i.e. quality of the rotations)? Any info. would be really appreciated! ~ Thanks

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There are about 90 some spots in IA; you are likely to get an IA spot, but it is not a guarantee. You also might have to have out rotations for peds and ob-gyn because those spots go fast. Otherwise OH CORE has 40 spots and you are guaranteed to stay in one spot for at least one if not both years.
Many schools guarantee staying in one spot but from other friends from other school I can tell you that nothing in life is guaranteed. :)

Anyway, if you'd like to stay in IA you can definitely try and if you're not picky regarding rotations that it's quite possible you can stay within the vicinity. When I was a fourth year, I was able to do most of my rotations in Iowa... I would work closely with your clinical coordinator.

Good luck :cool:
I am a current DMU MSIII and I have all of my rotations scheduled in Iowa except my hospital, which I choose to do in PA. However, I could have easily gotten my hospital here also. The main thing to understand about rotations at DMU is that the 3rd year lottery for core hospital and core clinic only includes 6 months total (4 mos hosiptal and 2 mos clinic). All other rotations are open for you to do away from core sites. So I found a few rotations on my own to be near my family in SE Iowa. Des Moines tends to be the most difficult area to obtain rotations because it is very competative since many people want to stay in the area. You could probably do your entire 3rd and 4th years in Mason City or the Quad Cities areas (two other core sites in Iowa). At least during my match these areas weren't as competative. Dr Boesler oversees 3rd year clinical rotations and is very easy to work with.