4th year schedule for FM: auditions later, "fun" rotations earlier?

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Jan 8, 2023
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I'm a DO student, currently working on my 4th year schedule. No failures or red flags. Passed step 1/ comlex 1 first attempt. Wanting to apply FM.

I have secured 3-4 away rotations at residency programs but they are all later in my 4th year. Consequently the first part of my 4th year is open. I am considering using all my more interesting rotations, like virtual/international/etc during that time, as opposed to post-match.

Any thoughts about how residency programs would perceive that especially wrt potential perception of lack of commitment, etc?

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Residency programs won’t see which rotations you’ll be doing during fourth year. Also, audition rotations are completely optional for FM. Don’t worry about it.
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They won't see those scheduled before I submit ERAS? Okay, good to know!
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It seems like a lot of the people I know who have matched at local family medicine programs did audition rotations. For more community-type programs, is it expected to do an audition rotation?
FM auditions may be optional BUT i would still encourage to do them. There's a lot of benefit from doing an audition rotation with the same reasons as doing it in other more competitive specialties.

the biggest reason is getting your foot in the door at a program you're super interested in and can see yourself at for the next 3 years. if the PD, residents, and faculty know that you're someone they can get along with for the next 3 years, then you have a leg up on someone who did not do an audition.

It's also interviewing them as much as you're interviewing with them. that's the beauty about FM, you will have many choices especially with zero red flags. you will find things that are non negotiable while you're on your audition. is it the culture? the support, the leadership, etc
You only do FM rotations if you have red flags or need to match a specific area AND you have a people-person personality. Otherwise, it's a dumb move that may hurt you more than help you
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What about programs that won't rank you if you haven't done an audition there?