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Nov 11, 2000
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WHooppee!! I have been sitting on pins and needles waiting to hear back from schools...thinking that I would not get an interview...and what do you know--DMU sent me an email offering me an interview on Oct. 25!!!
So, after my initial joy, I started to panic...this will be my first interview, and this is the school that I want to go to next year.
Would anyone who has interviewed ther already this year please post what the actual interview was like? What kind of questions they asked? PLEASE!!! :D
Any help would be appreciated!!!!

Thank you!!


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Jul 26, 2002
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Do not be stressed. I interviewed there last week and found it to be very pleasant. You will start off the day with pictures (serious one and a funny one) then go and sit in a room with your group for the morning. During these sessions you will talk to the admissions coordinator, financial aid person, the dean, and some OM fellows. After this you will be given a tour and then a lunch. The afternoon session is devoted to interviews. I had a DO clinician and two med students (open file). I know others had just DO doctors or PhD's and maybe one med student. The interview lasts around 30 minutes and it is just about getting to know you (like what to do like to do? why did you join this extracurricular activity? tell us about yourself?) I only had one ethical question and it was not bad. After this you are free to leave or go downstairs and watch OM techniques. The administrators and the students (which you will meet a lot) are all very nice and will talk to you about anything.
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