Do all schools automatically receive MCAT scores? or should I call to confirm


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Nov 24, 2015
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title says it all. i know that aamc automatically sends the scores to amcas but do all of the schools receive it automatically? i thought this was the case as most schools have sent me a 'complete' email meaning i have no pending mcat and scores have been received...but i saw that Wake Forest says it can take up to 2-3 weeks for them to receive the scores after amcas sends them

are any other schools specifically like Wake in this regard? July 22 retakers who are applying this cycle, would love to hear if you guys called to confirm the scores have been received or anything!


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Jan 8, 2013
If you have to wait a strange amount of time for something to get processed, you might as well send them a quick email. The school gets them automatically but the applicant portal gets updated manually. So they may get a part of your application but just haven't gotten around to updating it yet. Don't think you need to be concerned either way, but I don't think an email would hurt.