Medical DO Applicant - How should I move forward after low MCAT?

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Jun 11, 2010
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3.7 gpa 3.53 sgpa, MCAT 498 (CP 124. Cars 124 Bio 125 PS 125), fulbright ETA

I took the mcat in January 2020 and unfortunately got a 495, I studied hard for 6 months, and after consecutively scoring 505-510 on practice exams I retook the exam in July. Unfortunately, the testing center that I took my exam in was really unclean/ was not handling COVID well and it really affected me and I scored a 498. I was unfocused, incredibly anxious about covid, and I even lost time on sections due to the disorganized check-in process. I have already applied for a few DO programs and was hoping to apply to more after I got my score back. Because my score is still low, l am retaking the MCAT in 2 weeks (at a different test center), I know what to expect and now the COVID situation is not as bad in my area I am feeling more hopeful. Retrospectively, I should have voided the exam. Any general advice would be helpful. Do I have any chance of DO with my current stats. I also have a lot of ECs (student-athlete, publication, research, volunteer etc). Thank you very much :)
Do NOT retake the exam unless you are 100% ready for it, academically and mentally.

If you can score > 500, especially > 505, then yes, your chances go up.
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