Do I have a chance?

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Jan 3, 2012
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Hi guys. Just wanted to know where do you think I stand and should work on when it comes to MD/DO schools. Starting to feel a little discourage and losing the well to study. My stats are below:
Currently working as a microbiologist for Fortune 500 Company
Undergraduate: Biological Sciences with a minor in chemistry 2012 GPA: 3.50 Science: 3.48
Extra: Tri Beta Biological Honor Society
Chemistry Club
Dean's and President's List several times
Tutored students in biology, chemistry, and physics for two semesters
Around 60 hrs of volunteering and 10 hours of shadowing
Graduate Degree: Cellular Molecular Biology 2014 GPA:4.0
Extra: Spend summer 2014 studying biomedicine at China Medical University
Taught undergraduate biology lab for 4 semesters
Research in obesity induced metabolic diseases
Graduate top performer of graduate class
MCAT 2015: 490 :(
African American male

Your advice would be greatly appreciated.