Medical Do I need to disclose that I was legally employed as a stripper if asked about employment on an MD application or interview?

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Jun 11, 2010
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Questions: Do I need to disclose that I was LEGALLY employed as a stripper if asked about employment on an MD application or interview? If I choose not to disclose and the information became public knowledge, could a school dismiss me for failing to disclose that when asked about employment on the basis of failure to disclose being a lie by omission?

I don't think they can dismiss me for being a stripper after I am accepted, but I don't want to risk being 200K in debt and having the school be able to dismiss me 3+ years in for 'lying' on my application.

I am not interested in your opinion on my life choices. It was either dance and keep paying for my living expenses and education, or drop out and find another career path.

Responses from admins or people with legal knowledge especially appreciated. Thanks in advance
No, no and no

You are not obligated to list employment.

My first GF was a topless dancer, FYI.

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No. Just expect that if your classmates find out they might not be particularly mature about it. One of the students at my school was apparently a adult film star at some point - not super famous, but had some films online - and once someone came across it, rumors flew as fast as if it were a high school.

I wouldn’t tell anyone before, during, or after the application process.
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Agree with the above responses that you don't need to and shouldn't put this on the application. I would really try to keep this at bay though as, like stated above, if things get out it may cause some commotion, unfortunately.
What type of commotion do you see it causing? In grad school people knew. It was an interesting tidbit for sure, but no one really cared that much.
People talking about you, potential harassment by people who feel there's something morally wrong with the activities, potential sexual harassment from people who think it means something about your character. The school would *likely* put the kibosh on the more blatant activities re: that sort of thing, but prevention is the best policy here.

When it came up for the person I mentioned above - where it was a different scenario, since the videos were readily available on the internet if someone knew their stage name - it made the rounds of all 4 classes of the school - and a number of the residents! - pretty quickly. They were not happy.
As long as that is in the past and buried and no one can find your old career on the internet, you need not disclose it or inspire anyone to look it up on the internet to dig up those bones.
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