Medical Do I need to disclose this incident on my application?

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Oct 14, 2011
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I have a question about applying to medical school. I noticed there is an institutional action section noted in the application. I graduated last year and am now interested in applying to medical school, however, there is an incident freshmen year that may be considered an institutional action violation. I went to a party my freshman year and I had consumed alcohol for the first time on an off campus party. I ended up staying the night at my friends dorm and in the middle of the night I went to use the restroom and I guess I got lost along the way and the RA on night duty found me and asked me if I had consumed alcohol, I told the truth and so she wrote me up and I had to attend a meeting. During the meeting I told them that I had consumed alcohol and after a long conversation I had to write an essay reflection about why alcohol is bad. I was found "responsible" for violating university alcohol policies...although I never drank on campus or lived on campus. At the time I didn't fight it because I was in fear of my parents finding out. I also did not think I would be applying for medical school at the time and did not think I needed to think more about it (just wanted to put it behind me), but here we are and I am not sure if I am supposed to disclose this in the IA section. Will it look bad that I went through this if I do disclose it. Is it something that needs to be disclosed?
You should check with your university's student conduct/judicial office. This should be noted in your student handbook regarding the alcohol/residential policy. Chances are it is and it must be disclosed.

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