Do I really need a Bachelors Degree before Pharmacy School?

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If I had followed what I wanted to do in HS, I would have gone into IT or something.

I'm kind of glad that tech bubble popped...haha.

I wish I had a clue of what I wanted to do in high school...I didn't even know what I wanted to do in college...:rolleyes:

I only thing that interested me was being an FAMOUS actress, but that didn't work out...:(

Anyhow right now I am very verrrry jealous of the people that went to the 2+3 or a 6 year route! They are making 100K at 23 years old! I know some with NO debt too.

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To the OP. If I could go back in time, I would be a business or marketing major instead. You can still apply to Pharmacy school with a business degree. And having a business knowledge is very important for everyone. Plus you can always go into sales if pharmacy school does not work out. With a Chemistry or Biology degree you can't do anything if Pharmacy school does not work out...People that get chemistry/biology degrees have to get additional schooling AFTER undergrad or their degrees will essentially be worthless.
I'm suprised no one mentioned this but probably the biggest problem with getting a degree is that it can end up hurting your GPA.
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Especually if you're getting a science degree. It might raise your gpa if you do something easy.

it's really a matter of opinion....
3.3 GPA + BS in bio/chem/something sciency
3.5/6/7 GPA after 2 years undergrad..

If I were on a admissions committee I'd prefer the person with a degree. But who knows what they want :)
it's really a matter of opinion....
3.3 GPA + BS in bio/chem/something sciency
3.5/6/7 GPA after 2 years undergrad..

If I were on a admissions committee I'd prefer the person with a degree. But who knows what they want :)

very true, how much weight a degree holds probably does have alot to do with how much value a school places on GPA, so I'm guessing schools with high acceptance gpas probably value it less than others

of course getting a degree could raise your gpa but more often than not it will keep it at where it is or lower it (i think, since im guessing pulling off straight As in those upper level classes is going to be some work)
No most schools do not require bs or ba degrees and stay determined!:D
I got in this year out of state to a state school without a degree and i took an average courseload of 11 credits a semester at state schools and a tech college. So I would suggest a degree and "academic prestige" isnt really worth as much as people say it is. I would bet it ends up being more of a tie breaker than a primary factor.
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So, just to get a consensus from everyone, especially those who are currently in a pharmD program (if they still read the pre-pharm section), how much clout do you think having a bachelor's, or even a master's, has over your chances of getting in? Say someone has one or both of these degrees and only average gpa / pcat score, how much, on average, do you think this makes a difference in getting into school? I realize it "looks" good, but I've always wondered HOW much it helps? For those in a program currently, how many students in your program already hold a bachelor's or even a master's?

I'm just want to know people's thoughts on this; I've been curious. I realize that each school has their own set of stats regarding this issue....
What Im doing is completing all the prerequisites as early as I can, apply to as many schools as possible(saving $20 every paycheck), and see what happens then. If a school that I generally like and feel will prepare me fully accepts me I would transfer there without hesitation. Grades are of no concern and location is of no concern. I just want to learn pharmacy. My pharmacy manager at costco graduated from UIC College of Pharmacy and seems very qualified. He didn't have a bachelors
Question: I WILL have a BS in bio by the time I matriculate into a program. Does the school count this as me the as holding to a BS? or in the group of not having one?
I am doing BSN(bachelors in Science Nursing) because I do not want to to simply BS biology because I have heard from friends it really don't get you any where. So will I have equal chances to get in pharmacy as anyone who has done BS. or is there anyone who has different degree than BS biology and got in?
Cool we have a recent thread on this titled "Bachelor Really Needed Or??" and you revive this old thread from 2009.