Studying before pharmacy school?

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May 23, 2020
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Hey everyone!
I start pharmacy school at wayne state this fall and i’ve been getting a lot of mixed opinions on what to do before i start. Some people have told me to make sure i have a stern foundation in orgo/genchem/biochem or else I will struggle a lot. Other people told me that they re-teach you a lot of this information in a class called pharm-si which is an introductory and over view class of the undergrad classes (from what i could understand)
Do you guys recommend I review anything beforehand? I haven’t taken a chemistry class in 3 years and it was biochem so i honestly forgot everything and can’t even differentiate between functional groups if you ask me right now LOL.
Do i study or just relax?

P.S i know this topic has been talked about on other forums but they’re from 2005-2008 so i couldn’t find any updated ones. Probably because no one is going into this profession but i’m in too deep

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Do you guys recommend I review anything beforehand?

Do i study or just relax?

If you feel you need to study anything, memorize top 300 drugs and work as a tech to get a feel of pharmacy workflow and basic need-to-know functions in a pharmacy (regulations on controlled meds, what meds can be transferred, basic sig code interpretation, etc.).
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