Do intro classes count towards the BCPM GPA?

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Apr 23, 2005
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Would an intro to physics (or any of the med school pre req classes) class (one without a lab component) count towards the med school GPA?

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yes. Any physics, math, chemistry, or biology class will count toward your BCPM and overall GPA.

EVERY class counts.
Hmm but these intro classes are like the pre reqs to the general classes like general physics or general bio. They are significantly easier. Wouldn't it be kind of unfair for someone to just take intro classes along with the general classes - resulting in a higher GPA for less difficult work?
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"Fair" has no meaning in the application process. If it gives you an edge, and you don't break the rules, it's (fair) game.
Seriously, ANY chemistry, physics, biology, or math class counts toward your science GPA. To my surprise, a class I took at a university as a junior in high school counts toward my AMCAS GPA, and it was a physics course for non-science majors...
Sweet...that can negate the stuff I screwed up..booyah. If I knew that now I would've signed up for more bs courses. Would they count a math course that is held in my department (information science technology) as a math course even if it is not dubbed as a normal math course..still requires a calculus and concurrent statistics to get in. Logic and discreet mathematics....probably more useful than the other classes I took...
pretty much YOU are the on that decides which courses are BCPM on the AMCAS. if you think it is mostly a math course then you label it as math. there is a dropdown list and you label the subject for every class so chances are that math is probably the best choice on the list...