Would this class count towards my science GPA (BCPM) for AMCAS & TMDSAS?

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Aug 26, 2021
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BIOL 3318 Forensic Biology - Role and methodology of biological testing in criminal investigation and forensic science. Analysis of the procedures and methodologies employed in the collection, preservation and screening of biological evidence, and protein and DNA testing. Population genetics employed during the statistical evaluation of data is covered. The course is structured to allow individuals with and without biological training to participate. The subject matter will be developed from the concept of "What is DNA?" through "What does a statistical estimate really mean?"

Although this class is under the BIOL department, I just wanted to be sure based on the course description itself.

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Yeah it counts as science I'd say. The rule seems to be that for multidisciplinary classes, you refer to the course syllabus and pick what the main subject matter is. This seems to be an applied biology course. (I see a lot of biology words in the description- genetics, DNA testing, etc).

Of course there are legit premed advisors and admissions officers running around on this site so if one of them comes behind and contradicts me, you should believe them.
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