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Apr 1, 2003
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I wanted to ask current students if gaining an MBA while your in DO school is worth the extra time and money? Any thoughts would be helpful thanks! :)

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I think if you're interested in working more in the business side of medicine... ie, business administration of a hospital, or of a medical school, it's a great thing to have. If you're looking to come out and be a hospital-based specialist, it's probably not as worth it. If you're going into office-based private practice, it's a toss-up, as managing a private practice does take alot of business sense and managerial skills, but many docs just hire consultants who help them through this part, which you can maybe avoid with the MBA, but is it worth the price and and extra time in getting the MBA? That's anyone's guess.
I got my JD and also an MBA prior to medical school. It does open doors, even if you wish to practice medicine fairly traditionally. Directorships/Chairmanships of departments, Principals of independent practice groups, teaching opportunities...the extra background puts you in the running for these spots earlier than would otherwise be the case. Of course, there are the consulting and managerial positions that are "extramedical" in the sense that they don't involve patient care, but that's not the only road you need take.